S.T.F. Snc is a Company based in the province of Pordenone and it works in the field of mechanical working. It is specialized in the construction of molds for plastic materials and die. It boats an origin and experience in this field since 1981, both on National and International Market.

The Company propose itself as qualified supplier for the design and manufacture of molds for technical and aesthetics and it has an available team of quality operators. They are able to ensure complete and innovative solutions thought the use of the most advanced technology.

S.T.F. is composed to an HIGHLY COMPETENT staff, both in phase of projecting and realizing.

Technical office is able to communicate with any interface and it relies on the support of system such as; two-dimensional design, design and modeling 3D, tool paths complex surfaces, paths for the machines to electronic wire on complex geometries and evolved. It is directly liked to the production department, for which quality, flexibility and on-time delivery are the fundamental values.

Thanks to this team, who is highly qualified, S.T.F. can offer to the customers a complete services: from design phase, industrialization, prototyping, construction of molds for plastic mono-material, bimaterial and trimaterial, until the production phase.

It may apply to the different fields of the market such as:

  • automotive
  • home automation
  • packaging
  • furniture
  • appliance

During the years it has developed and it has up to date his system to keep with the times and with the require of the changing market, and over time it has implement a system of monitoring of production and organization, to ensure to guarantee a continuous traceability of the activities. This work process allowed to the company to certify itself UNI EN ISO 9001, offering to the final customer the guarantee of compliance with quality standards.

Via Tiezzo, 12
33082 Azzano Decimo
Fraz. Corva (PN)

Tel. +39 0434 647859
Fax +39 0434 646102