Modulmec Ingranaggi Srl is a Company based in the province of Pordenone. It works in the field of mechanical working, specifically in the construction of mechanical parts of the transmission of motion and it boats an origin and experience in this field since 1979, both national and Europe market.

The fleet of the company and the wide experience concerning the specialistic staff make that Modulmec Ingranaggi take care of the processing of ANY TYPE OF MATERIALS. In particular it deals about buildings of large, medium and small size of mechanical elements such as:

  • gears with external teeth
  • gears with internal teeth
  • conical gears
  • crown for screws
  • screws
  • racks
  • bottleneck
  • broaching
  • camshaft

Concerning the fundamental importance for the company is to get the maximum result and total satisfaction from the client. Therefore, the operators of Modulmec Ingranaggi, monitor every productive and working process and they make thorough quality checks right from raw materials, using mechanical instruments and advanced electronic. In this way, the Company has reached and obtained the certification according to normative ISO 9001:2008 ensuring the highest quality standard and reliability.

Via dei Longobardi, 37
33080 San Quirino (PN)

Tel. +39 0434 918995
Fax +39 0434 919549